Everything we do has an impact on the planet

Every day our actions and routines have a significant impact on the environment and on the species that live on our planet. Humans have exploited natural resources for thousands of years but it is now the time to give back.


As individuals and as a business, it is our responsibility to protect environmental resources and the health of ecosystems for future generations. Sustainability is possible but it is also highly necessary. Small improvements in our daily routine will lead to significant improvements in the future of our communities.


At Puro Mediterrano, acting responsibly towards the environment and making “the way we do business” more sustainable have always been at the center of our attention.  Our business plays an active role in operating sustainably and we are constantly looking for improvements to reduce our footprint to the planet.

sustainable products

Puro Basil Pesto is not pasteurized. Our Pesto is made with a natural preservation process at ambient temperature.

What is pasteurization and why Puro Mediterraneo preservation process is more sustainable?

Pasteurization is a common heat-treatment preservation process for foods that eliminates microorganisms that could contribute to spoilage in certain aliments and beverages. Our innovative and natural process achieves the same results of pasteurization, but it is done at ambient temperature by mechanical means. No heat is required.

By not using heat, Puro Basil Pesto avoids greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere of 0,52 kg of CO2eq on average per kg of product.

Plastic Free

Most of the containers of our products are 100% Plastic Free. However, we still employ recyclable plastic for bottle caps and for some special packaging of fragile products. We are exploring solutions with innovative packaging suppliers to achieve our goal of making all packaging and containers free from any sort of plastic or material that could represent a harm for the environment.


A Carbon offset is a method to compensate our emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. Our actions consume energy and produce CO2 gases every day. Carbon offsetting is used to balance out these emissions by helping to pay for emission savings in other parts of the world.

At Puro Mediterraneo, we believe we should all give something back to the environment and our communities. This is why we decided to support the plantation of new trees in the UK to compensate for our emission of carbon dioxide. Our ultimate goal is to become a Carbon Neutral Business.

This project is a new initiative. Stay tuned to know more!