Sun-dried tomatoes Pesto Sun-dried tomatoes Pesto
Sun-dried tomatoes Pesto
Puro Red Pesto

Red Pesto

135 gr

A creamy sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, basil,  and olive oil. Ideal for pasta, sandwiches or as a seasoning for savoury dishes.

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Perfect on pasta or as a condiment for sandwiches and meat.

Recommended typologies of pasta with Red Pesto: whole wheat fusilli, spaghetti, rigatoni, penne.

Use 100g of Pesto for every 500g of pasta and add extra virgin olive oil as needed.



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Olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, cashew nuts, basil, tomato extract, rice flour, salt, corn starch, white vinegar, matured and Parmesan cheese, oregano, garlic, lactic ac., citric ac.

Store it:

Store it at room temperature. Once opened keep it refrigerated and topped with oil up to 15 days.

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